the unblog promise


I promise to blog only very infrequently and to honour the following criteria:

1) That said blog(s) not solely reference my own ego-saturated POV, hence my oath to not hold you hostage within the suffocating confines of, say, whatever mental detritus I may be unconsciously projecting onto the page.  It's called digital pollution people, and it's no laughing matter.  

2) Okay, the above is a lie, or maybe just a hopeless ideal.  How can anyone escape themselves that completely?  Not me.  But I'm gonna try!

3) Let's say this:  I may, from time to time, toss in one or two personal anecdotes (even maudlin ones - blame the Irish). Anything is possible.

4) More often I'll probably mention books and films and articles and ideas and certain folks I admire.  

5) Um, that's it for now.