Couple things about makin' spots: 


  • Get to know creative brief
  • Think, cut loose for a wee bit
  • Write your arse off honeybunch!
  • Review with fresh eyes, toss the clutter
  • Hope folks who hired you dig your script
  • Collaborate with pros who really care about their work
  • Shoot | ingest | clip | import fun motion graphic elements + tunes | cut 
  • Seek approval (without turning into an approval seeker)
  • Trust your gut (unless your gut says to ignore your gut)
  • Don't take revisions personally
  • Do take it personally when folks *love your spot



*Recently I read a book entitled The Confidence Code.  

Apparently men attribute failures to external forces, to bad luck, whimsies of fate or the faults of others. Guys have no issue attributing success to their own awesome ability, talent, prowess.  

Women do the opposite. When failure strikes we ruminate indefinitely upon our myriad dreadful flaws (and probably hunt down new ones). Conversely we are more likely to attribute our successes to good luck and help from others.

Eff dat.