workout to work out 

big sad numbing conundrums

sweat swear sigh incline





judicious shutting of mouth

can be very good




eating fish n chips

cool young guy says to his date

ok, so, know what?


if it wasn't so  

douchey I would totally

get a yoga ball





that dog went berserk, 

a mexican jumping bean

in the local park


after the long rain

he splashed, dove, flew, skidded, jumped

wildly, joyfully






a man and woman

stroll down Queen east together

and he says to her


"That sign's always said

'Best Western Sandwiches Here'"

"Okay but", she says,


"That's only because

they're the only ones selling

Western sandwiches."





he swaggers over

with small brown bird playing dead

tender in cat jaw


I says No, No, No

you gotta go to rehab,

let that critter go


he looks up dismayed

Vito my Vito I say

you are an addict




the rain rained all day

the drops insisted their right

to exist wetly 




riding the streetcar

you hear many funny things

by moving humans:


"I still can't believe

he won the acting award

when he got expelled"




its twenty fifteen

blessings to you and the world!

be good, do good, BE!




so cruel and frigid 

outside - like a bag of peas

on a summer bruise




weather the weather

until the weather gives way

to less of the same 


i will stop right now

making up weather haikus

it's a canuck thing




whatever's within

the outer world reflects back 

a trusty mirror


oh surreal office 

cubicles and projections

strange learning, funny!