The dictionary below I won for a Speech Arts contest in grade school, an elaborate story about my older brother Jimmy and I making homemade banana splits. I don't recall the details but I can still see and hear the audience laughing (unless they were laughing at my stage fright). The rock in the foreground is from my first portage, a hidden paradise in the wilds of northern Ontario. I close my eyes and hold it when I'm screwed up.  This back issue of The New Yorker just happened to be in the shot, laying innocently atop a pile of far lesser mags, the cream rising to the top as it were. While its inclusion might admittedly come off as contrived, this periodical was and is undeniably one of this planet's finest publications, with a fascinating history.  



The gal below is a Promax Gold I scooped in 2015 for producing a TVO Kids campaign of hosted spots, a show called Odd Squad. It was beyond thrilling to win this award but here's the thing: the Sinking Ship peeps are bonafide geniuses. Actually it would've been hard not to produce great spots given such brilliant content, you'd have had to exert yourself to make something mediocre. I know people in their 40's who are into Odd Squad. I felt honoured to promote this show with our awesome TVO team: editor extraordinaire Rein, designer Liz, and sound engineer, Brendan. 


Bio con't.

Person, female. High school drop out. University grad. Back in the day punk rocker. Tea swiller. Haphazard meditator. State of the world complainer. State of the world rejoicer. Yogi before the fancy clothes came into fashion and when I still smoked American cigarettes right before class and when mainly only old hippies wearing baggy Amnesty International t-shirts were into it. Nonsmoker. Flexitarian. Armchair buddhist. Partner to excellent man with limitless heart and girl power dad. Paddler. Fan of psychoanalytic theory and insights. City cyclist, TTC loather, car coop member. Animal lover. Fresh air fanatic. Nonstop reader. Cry baby. Typically untypical, fair to say. According to this dorky personality test, creative by nature (like, duh).